Rebel Team is a revolution of exercise!

Health and wellbeing, versatile exercise, jiu jitsu training and nutritional advice! Live the good life, fight the good fight!

Our community offers in addition to the group schedules, private lessons, training, personal training on for example: self-defense, bjj, boxing, kick boxing, etc. Whether your goals are in getting in shape or in competitive sports, together we can see how we can best serve your needs!

Rebel Team hits where it’s needed. Our coaching team has a wide network of expertise in wellbeing. If you’re interested in a holistic approach to health or you need advice we can help you to find the right contacts, whether it is physiotherapy, chiropractics, yoga or other alternative forms of therapy or quality medical advice.

Individuals, companies, small groups, gyms or associations: don’t hesitate to contact us! Further information available on Rebel Team's website.

Keep calm and join the Rebel Team!

Contacts and services

By phone or email

044-555 4253

Herttoniemi jiu jitsu academy
@ BK Isatis

Delcio Pereira Combat Sports

Bjj / kick-boxing / mma

Delariva Finland

Team coaching and other services and seminars
Rebel Team Jiu-jitsu

Jokela brothers

Rebel Boxing
Veli-Matti Välimäki


Wu Xing Wellness
Juha Jäntti

Traditional Chinese medicine / accupuncture

Personal trainer

Sami Rantanen

Security trainings and services

Narikka.com / Lauri Poikulainen

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