Boulder PM 2019

The Nordic Bouldering Championships 26.-27.10.2019 will be held in Boulderkeskus Espoo, Finland

The event will be organised by Boulderkeskus.


Boulderkeskus Espoo, Niittyrinne 2, 02270 Espoo, Finland


Youth A/B



Click here for full Nordic Bouldering championship rules

Adult series:

Born 1999 or earlier

All adults from Scandinavian countries are allowed to compete.
Adults and juniors will compete in combined finals with 6 finalists in both, women and men category.
2 extra spots are reserved for finals in both categories in case of ties, making the maximum amount of finalists 8 in both categories.

Non-scandinavians are also allowed to participate but without result.

Junior series:

Born 2000-2001

Juniors will qualify with the same set of boulders as in Adult series. If a Junior qualifies in Adult finals they will proceed to climb in the final among Adults and they will place accordingly in both Adult and Junior series.

Adults and Juniors will compete in combined finals with 6 finalists in both, women and men category.

2 extra spots are reserved for finals in both categories in case of ties, making the maximum amount of finalists 8 in both categories.

Junior series rankings will be decided according to finals results. If none of the Junior climbers make the finals, ranking will be given according to qualification results. If the Junior qualifies to the finals, they will get a result both, in the Juniors and Adults category.


If only one competitor from Junior series makes the finals he/she automatically wins the series. Second and third place will be given according to qualifications results.

If two or more competitors from Junior series qualifies to finals, their rankings will be given according to finals results. This way Junior can win in both Junior and Adult categories.

Youth series:

Youth B / Born 2004-2005
Youth A / Born 2002-2003

Finals will be held with up to 10 finalists in each category.

Youth A climbers cannot be registered  in Adult series.


Finnish climbers (who have lived in Finland for at least 3 years and are members of a Finnish climbing club) can register to the competition individually.

Other Scandinavian climbers must register through a national climbing federation.

National quota is 10 climbers / category / country

Rest of the quota will be filled in the order of registration

Team registration by email at latest at 11th October 2019

Click here for downloading the registration sheet

Team officials are to be registered (no fee) as complaints/protests can and will only be handled if they are from a pre-named official.


35€ / athlete IBAN: FI50 5172 0220 1790 56 BIC: OKOYFIHH COMPANY: Isatis oy VAT ID: FI25545672 REFERENCE: “NBC 2019” and “athlete name” or "team name" for national teams

PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE (GMT +2) updated 30.4.2019

Registration will open 8th April 2019 and close 13th October 2019 23:00 (GMT +2)

Qualifications will start on Saturday 26th October

8.00 Registration and isolation opens for Youth B
8.05 Technical meet
8.30 isolation closes for Youth B
9.00 Registration opens for  Youth A
9.30 Qualifications start for Youth B / isolation opens for Youth A
11.30 Qualifications close for Youth B* / isolation closes for Youth A
12.00 Registration opens for Adults and Juniors
12.30  Qualifications start for Youth A /  isolation opens for Adults, Juniors
15.30  Qualifications close for Youth A* / isolation close for Adults and Juniors
16.30 Qualifications start for Adults and Juniors
19.45 Qualifications close for Adults and Juniors*

*(depending on the amount of climbers)

Finals will start on Sunday 27th October

8.30 Isolation opens for Youth A/B
9.30 Isolation closes for Youth B
9.55 Isolation closes for Youth A
10.00 Finals start for Youth B
11.30 Finals close for Youth B
12.30 Finals start Youth A
14.00 Finals close Youth A
15.00 Awards ceremony Youth Series
14.00 Isolation opens for Adults / Juniors
14.30 Isolation closes for Adults / Juniors
15.30 Finals start Adults / Juniors
17.30 Finals close Adults / Juniors
18.10 Awards ceremony Adults / Juniors


Adults flash comp / 8 routes
Junior  flash comp / 8 routes

Youth B   flash comp / 8 routes

Youth A   flash comp / 8 routes

Open qualification in all categories. 8 boulders/category and a limited time to climb the boulders as a group. The boulders can be climbed in a random order. The climber can take max 5 tries on each boulder.

In the adults/junior category, maximum participants being 70 climbers, maximum time is 185 minutes (3 hours and 5 minutes).

There will be a judge at each boulder. The climbers will present their scoring sheet to the judge and they will give the climbers an ok to start climbing the boulder. Tries on bonus and top will be judged according to IFSC rules. A climber can take one try at a boulder and move to another boulder after each try if they so choose and return to previous boulders within the qualification time limit.


There will be no semifinals.


Adults / Juniors (men and women climbing in pairs) maximum 4 min / 4 boulders (climber will be called off from boulder if 4 min runs out)

Youth A/B 5 min on / 5 min off / 4 routes

Finals will be climbed in reverse  ranking order from qualification.


Head routesetter:

Florian Escoffier

Thibaut le Scour
Anssi Venho
Antero Lindholm
Olli Antikainen
Tuukka Peteri
Sami Romppainen


Peter Backlund


Our accommodation partner is Hilton Kalastajatorppa! It's a great hotel and the deal is very good for Helsinki. All prices are per room and including breakfast.
Make your booking and check the prices here. Remember to use the booking code G1BOUA.
Reservations can also be made by email to or by phone at +358945811. A credit card no will be asked for confirmation of the bookings. All bookings under this deal can be cancelled 24 hours before the accommodation starts without cost. Make your bookings asap, the hotel can't quarantee that they have enough rooms for everybody at the last minute!

By air:

you will arrive to Helsinki-Vantaa airport

By public transportation:

HSL journey planner is a handy tool if you are using public transportation around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area including Espoo

By taxi:


Please click the link below and check the map for parking spaces at the venue. The parking does not cost anything and you can keep your car at Boulderkeskus parking spaces for the whole weekend. During the weekend you can also park your car on the opposite side of the road at Ramirent parking spaces.

Entrance for the competitors is at the right side of the building. Audience can enter the building through the main entrance.

Click here for parking and entrance map


There will be a delicious street gastro at the competition venue offering chicken and vegetarian meals at 11€ each

more info about the food



Competition will be live streamed on YLE Areena, the streaming service of Finnish national TV. A compilation of the finals will also be broadcast on national TV2 on the 17th of November at 15.15-16.45 and the compilation will also be available through the YLE Areena streaming service in all of Europe.


Mikko Nurminen

Henna Mäkinen