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Advanced Boulder Setting Workshop

IFSC Foundation Course for commercial setting.

An Advanced Boulder Setting Workshop will be held from the 30 of jan. to the 1st of feb 2016 at Boulderkeskus in Helsinki, Finland.

This 3 day course is designed to teach experienced gym setters more advanced techniques to better meet the needs of commercial climbing gyms. The standard for these needs has been compiled from real working conditions in gyms all over the world.

Participants for this course will be evaluated and if successful will be recognised as certified at the Foundation level, the first step in the IFSC’s new commercial setter certification track that aims to professionalise route setting outside of competitions. It is a continental level course sanctioned by the IFSC.

The course will explore the following themes and methods:

  • setting methodology
  • creativity
  • time management
  • setting for people
  • productive forerunning
  • the Risk - Intensity - Complexity scale
  • athletic empathy
  • setting in a team
  • communication
  • composing a set or a circuit


At least 2 years of sustained setting experience
At least 5 years of climbing experience
Ability to climb 7a - v6 recommended

Criteria for evaluation is:
  • safety
  • setting ability
  • work ethic and attitude
  • teamwork
  • communication skills (basic english required)

Price: 1000e + VAT24%
Number of participants: 8
Please email a resumé and motivation letter and any questions to


In Helsinki, Finland! At Boulderkeskus Herttoniemi


30.1.-1.2.2017 Mon to Wed


1000€+VAT 24%
A deposit of 400€ for registration.


Resume and motivational letter by email.