Climbing is a natural way to move. Come and join the fun!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering at BK is joyful problem solving on a 5 meter climbing wall. It’s challenging yourself, cheering your friends and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Bouldering suits anyone motivated to learn and teach themselves new cool moves. These attributes of the sport have shaped climbers into a really nice group people who you always look forward to meet at the gym and spend time with.

You can start any day!

You don’t have to have any equipment of your own. The only thing you need to try climbing is a pair of climbing shoes and they are available for rent (and/or purchase) at every BK. No ropes or harnesses needed! All the gyms have a thick 50cm foam padding surrounding the walls.

You don’t need to reserve time ahead. Just show up at the gym and you’re welcome to climb!

There are climbing problems for everyone from a beginners to a pros and from kids to grown ups in every BK gym. And bouldering is a social sport, you don’t need to bring a friend. You can be sure to find friendly and helpful company at the gym. And it is highly recommended to ask for help from other climbers at the gym. :)

You can pay by: cash, Credit/Debit-card, Visa Electron, Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli, Smartum Saldo, Sporttipassi, Luottokunta Virikeseteli, RJ-kuntoiluseteli, Ticket Mind&Body ja TYKY-kuntoseteli.

No age or other limits!

Coming climbing with a kid?
Climbing comes naturally for children. At BK children have no age limit. They can start climbing when their parents feel they are ready to try. For general safety, all kids under 14 years old must climb under their parents surveillance, until it seems that the kid can be allowed to the gym without supervision.

Our guideline is that there should be at least one adult per three climbing kids. This means that when the kids are climbing, the guardian should be supervising and when the adult climbs, kids should wait for their turn. This way we can assure a safe and nice experience for everyone.

Under school aged kids (7-year-old or younger) can climb for free when coming with an adult who climbs (pays entrance). If the adult does not climb, the following fees apply for kids:

One time entrance Mon-Fri 10-15 5€
One time entrance Mon-Fri 15-21 6€
One time entrance Sat-Sun 12-18 6€
Rental shoes for kids are for free.

Age is just a number

And there’s no upper limit for age either! Our oldest active climbers are over 50 years old and hopefully you’ve heard or read of our oldest regular climber Pentti who is already over 80 years old.

Because the length of the routes is not counted in tens of meters, the most fun, technical and powerful moves are highlighted in bouldering. Here are a few descriptions of the sport given by our customers:

  • Very efficient training
  • Excersize that doesn’t feel like training!
  • Searching (and often finding) your physical limits!
  • Improving your own climbing (technique, power, stamina)
  • Problem solving
  • Finding new friends
  • Spending time with friends
  • Something you can do 30min or 3 hours at a time
  • Teaches you to enjoy success and failure
  • The most climbing in the least time
  • Awesome sport to do on your own or in a group

Come and try for youself! You can do it!

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