Feel the joy of movement, enjoy team work, problem solving and have fun together. Bring your team to BK!



School groups, companies, Birthday heroes or bachelor party goers - you are all welcome to Boulderkeskus!

Is your company having a recreational day? Perhaps you are looking for a sporty activity for your group or you have a Birthday coming up? Teacher - do you want to bring your class bouldering? Climbing is a great form of movement that suits people from all ages, sizes, gender and regardless of having any background in sports. Bouldering is a fun group activity: its relaxed atmosphere let’s you solve problems together and cheer each other up. Everyone gets a chance to exceed oneself!


Bouldering is teamwork at its best. No one has to compete with anyone other than themselves and the team members can help each other out. Everyone can find suitable challenges on the same walls!

You don't need to have any experienced climbers in your group. We'll provide you with the help and guidance to maximise the fun in your climbing experience!.Would you like some more insight on bouldering? You can find it here.

We have created a few different example packages. Would one of these suit your experiences? We want to ensure you get the climbing event you are looking for so please contact our gym by phone or reserve a time for your team via email from!

Companies: we also provide company tickets for the employees of your company. You can get more information by email: or read some examples at the end of this page.

If you were looking for a deeper education into the depths of climbing you can find our courses and training here.

NB! We kindly ask all groups - even the ones without an instructor - to inform the gym in advance! This way we can make sure that there are no other big groups coming at the same time. Thank you! 


With a school class there needs to be an instructor from Boulderkeskus unless the teacher has participated in a course for instructing bouldering (more info on courses for teachers from One instructor is enough when there are 15 kids or less. If there are more kids, another instructor is needed.

10-15.00 5€/ person (including shoes) + 70€ instructor/h
15-21.00 and weekends 6€/ person (including shoes) + 70€ instructor/h
Second instructor: 70€/ hour 


If you do not need an instructor from Boulderkeskus and your group size is minimun 8 persons the prices are:
10-15.00 5€/ person (for under 18-year-olds shoes are included)
15-21.00 and weekends -10% of normal pricing (for under 18-year-olds shoes are included)


With an instructor the price is altogether 150€ for a 10 person group (including shoe rental). Additional people are 10€/ person. Instruction is for 1h. 


What’s a cooler way to spend your Birthday than by climbing!

BIRTHDAY-PACKAGE includes 1 h of guided climbing and an ice cream + a soda for all the participants. You can also bring your own food and drinks, we will make sure you’ll have a serving table ready. Price is: 100€ + 10€/ child. With groups over 15 kids, a second instructor is needed: 70€

BK Espoo kid’s wall can also be rented only for your use for 300€ + 10€/ child (not including guiding). Rental shoes are included.

BK Herttoniemi’s back wall can be also rented for 500€, this price also includes a nice separate back room space with good views to the climbing gym. Rental period is negotiable: e.g. morning 10-16.00 or evening 16.00-21.00. 

Company groups: come for a meeting, sauna and some bouldering

Boulderkeskus is ideal for a pre-Christmas party, company’s recreational day or any other type of team spirit enhancing event!

GUIDED CLIMBING: coming to try out bouldering is easy and fun with the help of our professional instructors. A guided bouldering session is certainly a nice way to spend a recreational day with your team! 1,5 h with an instructor for 10 people is 250€ (including shoe rental). Additional people are 15€/ person. Note, that one instructor is enough for maximum 15 people. Additional instructor is 70€/h.

SAUNA AND GUIDED CLIMBING: our instructor will first guide you to the world of bouldering after which you can enjoy the warmth of the sauna with your team. 1,5h guided climbing and sauna (including towels) for 10 people is 500€ + additional people 15€/ person. Schedule is negotiable! Note, that one instructor is enough for maximum 15 people. Additional instructor is 70€/h.

SAUNA AND INDEPENDENT CLIMBING: maybe your team has already been bouldering or one of your group members can guide you at the bouldering gym? Then this package is suitable for you: it includes the entrance to the climbing gym, sauna, towels and shoe rental. The price is 150€ + 15€/ person.

BK Herttoniemi’s meeting room is also available for rent for 70€.




Bouldering with your colleagues? We offer various kinds of company tickets and we can tailor you an option exactly suited for your company's needs. Company tickets are valid at all our gyms.

Year 24/7 full year (1 person) 675€

Month during opening hours (max. 5 people) 67€/ person

Month during opening hours (max. 10 people) 59,5€/ person

Dayticket 50 entrances from 10-15 Mon-Fri 8,10€/ entrance

Dayticket 100 entrances from 10-15 Mon-Fri 7,65€/ entrance

Multiple ticket 50 entrances during opening hours 13,5€/ entrance

Multiple ticket 100 entrances during opening hours 12,75€/ entrance


All prices include value added tax.


Ask more about the company tickets from