How to 7A

This course is aimed for more climbers who have mastered the skills to send at least 6A graded problems but want to take steps to the next level.

You can take part even if you have climbed a few 7As or if even a 6C feels like still far away - we assure you that this coaching will bring you forward. During the meet-ups, you'll learn what systematic training for climbing is, how to improve your climbing technique and mental skills and a lot more! Everyone's personal level and skills will be taken into consideration.

The group of 3 to 6 persons will meet four times (about 8h).

Practical info

4 meetings of 2h, 8h in total

3 - 6 people per group

Price: 285€ / person

For who? Someone who climbs at least 6A boulder problems or climbs something between 6B-7A

Where? Boulderkeskus gyms

When? On weeknights

Coach: The course is held by our head coach Timo Peltola

Course cancellation and refund

If you are not able to participate for the course you have enrolled we will primarily move you to the next available course. You can cancel your participation at least two weeks prior to the course without any cancellation charge. If you cancel your participation with less than 2 weeks we will charge you 30% of the course price. If you have a medical certificate that states your incapability to participate you have the right to cancel your participation without any cancellation charge.


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