Lattice Board assessment

Progressing as a climber needs constant evaluation and knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses! Come to BK Espoo to evaluate your abilities as a climber with Lattice Training's assessment provided by the coaching services at Boulderkeskus. 

Boulderkeskus tests and evaluates climbers in cooperation with Lattice Training's coaching services at Boulderkeskus Espoo. The assessment of the climber’s performance is based on data collected from tens of thousands of climbers. Based on the evaluation results, we find out the versatility of climbing performance and evaluate climbing efficiency and functional movement. Together with Lattice Training ltd. We offer a versatile set of tests that will pinpoint all the key areas you need to work on to get your climbing to a new level!

The session will measure:

  • movement economy
  • maximal strength
  • anaerobic capacity

And much more!


The assessment's duration is around 2,5 hours. In addition you get a 2 h consultation with the coach about your test results. The price is 220€/climber.

You can come to the assessment alone or as a group of maximum 4 people. The duration of a group assessment is approximately 4 hours (1h/climber).

A group will get a discount which can be as low as 175€/climber.

Signing up and more information

Our head coach Timo Peltola will gladly give you more information the assessment and how to join via email:

Cancellation and refund

If you are not able to participate for the course you have enrolled we will primarily move you to the next available course. You can cancel your participation at least two weeks prior to the course without any cancellation charge. If you cancel your participation with less than 2 weeks we will charge you 30% of the course price. If you have a medical certificate that states your incapability to participate you have the right to cancel your participation without any cancellation charge.

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