Bouldering is ideal for a company’s recreational day, a pre-Christmas party or any other type of team spirit enhancing event!

We offer different ready-made packages, but we can also customize a package to better suit your needs. Please contact us by email at so we can discuss what would be the perfect combo for you! We offer guided climbing sessions in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Spanish.

Instructed climbing session

Bouldering is easy and fun with the help of our professional instructors. A guided bouldering session is certainly a nice way to spend a recreational day with your team! An instructed climbing session of 1,5 h for 10 people is 300€ (including shoe rental). Additional people are 15€/ person. Note, that an additional instructor is needed if the group size exceeds 15 people. Additional instructor is 80€/h.

Sauna + instructed climbing session

Our instructor will first guide you to the world of bouldering after which you can enjoy the warmth of the sauna with your team. An instructed climbing session of 1,5h and sauna (includes towels) for 10 people is 480€ + additional people 20€/ person. Note, that an additional instructor is needed if the group size exceeds 15 people. Additional instructor is 80€ /h.

Sauna + independent climbing session

Maybe your team has already been bouldering or one of your group members can guide you at the bouldering gym? Then this package is suitable for you: it includes the entrance fee to the climbing gym, sauna, towels and shoe rental. The price is 180€ + 15€/ person.

BK Herttoniemi’s and Espoo's meeting rooms are also available for rent for 75€.

Company bouldering tickets

Bouldering with your colleagues? We offer various kinds of company tickets and we can tailor you an option exactly suited for your company's needs. Company tickets are valid in all our gyms.


Year 24/7 full year (1 person) 648€

Monthly pass during opening hours (3 - 5 people) 63€/ person

Monthly pass during opening hours (6 - 10 people) 59,5€/ person

Dayticket 50 entrances from 10-15 Mon-Fri 8,10€/ entrance

Dayticket 100 entrances from 10-15 Mon-Fri 7,65€/ entrance

Multiple ticket 50 entrances during opening hours 13,5€/ entrance

Multiple ticket 100 entrances during opening hours 12,75€/ entrance

All prices include value added tax.


If you have been prevented from participating, please cancel the reservation no later than 2 days before the agreed reservation takes place. If you fail to cancel your group booking within this time frame, we will charge 50% of the agreed price.

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Boulderkeskus Konalaa uudistetaan heinäkuussa! Lue lisää remontin aikataulusta ajankohtaista-osiosta. Halli tulee olemaan kiinni 22.7. - 4.8.


Boulderkeskus Konala is being renovated in July! Read more about the schedule in out blog. The gym will be closed 22.7. - 4.8.

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