Physiotherapist Tio Delikouras

Physical therapist and a long-time climbing enthusiast Tio Delikouras offers physiotherapy appointments that are specifically tailored for the needs of climbers. The appointments are held in the treatment room at Boulderkeskus Pasila. Book an appointment from here or shoot a text or email at 040 739 90 92 /

These physiotherapy appointments are designed to assess any musculo-skeletal injury, pain or condition that you might have. The assessment entails a basic interview along with clinical measurements used in rehabilitation science. For example, you might schedule an appointment to address back or neck pain, injuries of the lower limbs as well as overuse injuries or pain that are present in shoulder, elbow, wrist or finger joints.

Following the clinical assessment you will receive evidence-based instructions regarding further treatment options and self-care along with any relevant rehab-exercises while ensuring proper technique. The primary goal of the appointment is to clear any lingering uncertainties about the nature of your injury/pain and help you secure a comprehensive set of ways for you to start managing and rehabilitating your condition on your own.


Duration       Price      Price for Collective members
60 min70€63€


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