Kids are natural climbers!

At Boulderkeskus we are passionate about offering climbing opportunities for kids! We encourage the whole family to come and climb and have fun together. To make climbing and training safe and comfortable for everyone, we have developed a guideline for families with children at the gym. Adults are always primarily responsible for children and their behavior in the climbing gym. We hope you read the instructions and go them through with your children below before coming to the gym.

Here are some insctruction on climbing at the gym with children:

  1. In every gym we have a suitable climbing wall for beginners and children. It's a safe space to start climbing some easier problems. However, an adult must supervise their child at all times during their time at the gym so you cannot leave your child alone to play or climb.
  2. Kids who are over 14 years old can climb independently on all the walls of the gym
  3. Younger kids can climb on the bigger walls only under adult supervision. If the adult climbs, the child must wait off the mats
  4. The mats aren't a safe place to hangout - sofas are meant for that ;).
  5. The gym equipment and warmup area are for adults only due to safety reasons.
  6. Screaming, goofing around and running aren't the way to behave in the gym. This applies also to adults - no swearing please!
  7. The staff has the right and duty to remove from the gym people who are not following these rules

Let’s make sure together that bouldering fun for everyone!

See you at Boulderkeskus!

Do you still have some questions? Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. You can also contact us by email or contact our gyms directly by sending a message or calling.

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