BK CUP monthly competition tour

Finland's oldest bouldering competition tour will make a comeback as one-day competitions in 2023! The tour goes through the first four BK gyms: Pasila, Konala, Herttoniemi and Espoo.

Read more about the 2023 BK Cup here! Check all the upcoming competitions from the calendar. BK CUP's combined results can be found in Problemator and here you can find the registering. Sign up, scroll down to click active competitions and you can find the BK CUP comps there.

The competitions are open for everyone! Yearly members can participate for free.



Registration through the Problemator app. The same application is used for logging climbed problems and counting the points for the comp.

Competition fee 10€ / comp + entrance fee
Free for BK Collective members.

The monthly competition includes BK's first four gyms. You can check the comp schedule from the calendar.


Every problem is worth 100 points. Points will be divided between the climbers who have successfully completed each individual problem. For example if three climbers have completed a problem 100 points will be devided by three and each climber will get 33,3 points.


1st place: 12 months of climbing
2nd place: 6 months of climbing
3rd place: 3 months of climbing

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