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Story of BK

Our story began in June 2008, when the first Boulderkeskus was created in the cover of Pasila's red-brick locomotive stables. Today, the Finnish family business Boulderkeskus - or more familiarly BK - is already running five world-class climbing gyms in the Helsinki metropolitan area with the same endless enthusiasm as in the beginning. 

Each gym has its own mission and personality. Together, these form the inviting and communal atmosphere that is typical for BK. The five gyms combined provide facilities ideal for bouldering training. Our company already employs almost thirty climbing professionals, from routesetters to customer service, coaching, administration and gym maintenance. The goal of the Boulderkeskus' multi-skilled team is to produce great climbing experiences for everyone. We are here for you - thank you for climbing with us!

From our shops, you can find anything and everything you need for bouldering indoors and outdoors.

BK shops are located in the gyms and all of our product can be bought from our webshop. We only sell products we know and can recommend ourselves. Our customer service representatives are climbers who can help you out whether you're a first timer or looking for advice when choosing products.

<3 Boulderkeskus - for the love of climbing

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Isatis Oy
Mekaanikonkatu 15A
00880 Helsinki

050 441 7489
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