BK Collective aka BK's yearly membership. The whole idea behind BK can be crystallized in BK Collective: unlimited training possibilities, great community and excellent benefits to support your training!

Most importantly you have all the halls in your disposal 24/7! In addition to discounts on nearly all of our products, they also get special discounts on numerous services and BK Collective members can bring their friends to climb once a month. They are also welcome to attend Member cup competitions every month!

The community of the BK Collective and more info on upcoming events can be found on the Facebook group.

Collective member benefits

  • 24/7 access to BK Pasila, Konala, Herttoniemi and Espoo!
  • 10% discount on BK Shop products
  • 10% discount on Varuste.net products
  • 10% discount on Aminopörssi's products
  • Free friend entry every month (incl. rental shoes)
  • Possibility to participate in Collective's monthly climbing competitions
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