Junior groups

In the junior groups organized by BK Climbers, you can climb in weekly guided groups in Boulderkeskus' gyms. Members of the BK Climbers association between the ages of 6 and 16 can participate in the junior groups.

What are the junior groups like?

We help kids of all ability levels push themselves and learn new skills through climbing. Climbing and training in the junior groups is not too serious, the most important is to have fun! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t climbed much before, you are always welcome to the group to try out.

In BK Climbers’ junior groups we practice basic bouldering skills and help young climbers to start their climbing hobby in a fun and safe way. The duration of the training session is 60 minutes for 6 - 8-year-olds and 90 minutes for older kids.

The junior groups climb and train every semester (spring and autumn) in groups of about 10 to 12 people under the supervision of 1 to 2 instructors. The group has about 20 training sessions per semester. We also arrange outdoor climbing sessions for the juniors, weather permitting.

More information about junior groups on the BK Climbers website.

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Boulderkeskus Konalaa uudistetaan heinäkuussa! Lue lisää remontin aikataulusta ajankohtaista-osiosta. Halli tulee olemaan kiinni 22.7. - 4.8.


Boulderkeskus Konala is being renovated in July! Read more about the schedule in out blog. The gym will be closed 22.7. - 4.8.

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