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Welcome to explore with climbing with your class! The fun and versatile sport, which recently debuted at the Olympics, is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Climbing is a skill-based sport in which not only strength and endurance are important but also concentration, balance and problem-solving skills. Many who have previously disliked exercise have found climbing to be their own sport because of its diverse nature.

Bouldering is the most popular subtype of climbing, which is easy to practice with the group, as you only need climbing shoes, and several can climb at the same time, but at their own pace.

We invite your school to our gyms to climb!


Boulderkeskus (BK) is a Finnish family business that has expanded in the Helsinki capital area in recent years. Our most kid and student-friendly gyms can be found in Suomenoja, Espoo, and in Konala, Pasila and Herttoniemi in Helsinki.


We have a lot of school groups who climb independently with the guidance of their own class teacher(s). If the teacher is coming to BK for the first time with the students or if the number of students is more than 15, a climbing instructor or at least two school teachers are needed, one of whom has visited the gym with the students before.

Instructed climbing lesson and pricing

On your first visit, in addition to instructing the climbing session, our climbing instructor will inform the teacher how to go about climbing in the gym with students, what are the basics of the sport and how to climb safely. If all goes well, the teacher can in the future come to the climbing gym with students without a BK instructor in which case the price is only 6€ / student (incl. shoe rental).

The price of an instructed climbing session is 80€/h + 6€ / student (incl. shoe rental).

For more information, please email

The pricing for other groups of under 18-year-olds and students according to our normal pricing + instruction 80€/h. Our children's ticket is always at the affordable price of 8,5€ (incl. shoe rental) and students receive a 10% discount on one time entrances and serial cards (excl. Premium tickets). Rental shoes are included in the single ticket price for all children under 18 years of age.

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If you have been prevented from participating, please cancel the reservation no later than 2 days before the agreed reservation takes place. If you fail to cancel your group booking within this time frame, we will charge 50% of the agreed price.

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Boulderkeskus Konalaa uudistetaan heinäkuussa! Lue lisää remontin aikataulusta ajankohtaista-osiosta. Halli tulee olemaan kiinni 22.7. - 4.8.


Boulderkeskus Konala is being renovated in July! Read more about the schedule in out blog. The gym will be closed 22.7. - 4.8.

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