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Technique Course

Technique Course

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Would you like to improve tour climbing with the help of an experienced coach? If you already master the basics and are able to climb several problems from 6A to 6B in a session, BK's Technique Course is here for you!

The course includes two intensive climbing workshops (6 hours in total!) in a small group under the guidance of a skilled coach. Participating doesn't require a long commitment as the workshops will be held for on consecutive weeks. During the workshops, the focus is on footwork, balance, dynamic movements and improving climbing efficiency to create a good flow. New techniques are learned through practical exercises with the help of the coach and group members. As the group is small, the coach will have time to assess your personal needs. Solving problems, sharing insights and techniques is also more fun in a group. Welcome!

Next Technique Course:

Two-part course: first session on 14.7. and second session on 21.7. at BK Pasilassa from 9.00 to 12.00. The course is held in English.

Click the date on the calendar below to search the next course. Further info on the upcoming courses can be found in our latest newsletter. Please note that this is a two-part course and only the starting date of the course is chosen at registration.

If you wish to pay the course with sport vouchers, you can register via email and pay at the cashier.

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Practical info

2 workshops of a total duration of 6 hours

group of 4 to 8 people

Price 150€ / person

For who? Climbers who climb at least 6A and wish to get tips on how to improve their technique and climbing

Where? Boulderkeskus gyms

When? Weeknights or weekends

Coach: Experienced BK coach

Course cancellation and refund

If you are not able to participate in the course, you have enrolled we will primarily move you to the next available course. You can cancel your participation at the latest two weeks prior to the course without any cancellation charge. If you cancel your participation with less than 2 weeks, we will charge you 30% of the course price. If you have a medical certificate that states, your incapability to participate you have the right to cancel your participation without any cancellation charge.

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Boulderkeskus Konala is being renovated in July! Read more about the schedule in out blog. The gym will be closed 22.7. - 4.8.

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