New expertise into BK’s team – professional coach Timo Peltola takes on the role of head coach

Boulderkeskus’ team gets unique know-how when professional coach Timo Peltola starts as head coach at Boulderkeskus. But who is Timo Peltola? Read the interview below!

What is your sporting background and how long have you been climbing? I was swimming competitively at the Finnish championship level for 18 years. I won a couple of Finnish championships and I have the fifth best time in the 1500 meter freestyle in Finland. After swimming, I started climbing, which has been my main sport for 10 years now.

How did you start climbing?
My friend took me climbing when I was still swimming and during the first two years I went climbing a couple of times a month alongside swimming. Back then I decided that after I stop competitive swimming, I should start another sport instead. Climbing, as an opposite of endurance training, seemed like a good option. Climbing was a fun hobby for the first couple of years, until it became a passion when I started outdoor climbing. At the moment, I’m passionate about training for climbing and I’m trying to raise my level from 8A upwards.

What is your study background and previous work experience?
I have a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management (from Metropolia) but I have done a single day of work in that field. Soon after I finished competitive swimming, a coaching position opened up in my swimming club in Cetus Espoo. I hadn’t thought of coaching as a career opportunity before, because there simply weren’t any positions available. So first the opportunity came up and then I started considering the profession of a coach. I worked as a swimming coach for nine years and studied for a professional coaching degree alongside my work.

You will start working at Boulderkeskus in August. What is your job description?
I will start at BK as the head coach and my job includes developing Boulderkeskus coaching at all levels, as well as doing small group and individual coaching.
I will also coach BK Climbers’ goal-oriented youth groups, which focus on competition climbing.

In what direction would you like to develop BK Climbers as a club?
I want to build a path for future climbing stars and bring more professionalism to the club’s operation while still keeping the fun of climbing. It would also be great to develop club activities for adults as well in order to build a community.

What kind of coach are you?
I would say that I am encouraging and demanding. The basis of my coaching is athlete centered coaching and I take the whole (life situation, age, training background) into account.

When do you feel you have succeeded as a coach?
My principle in coaching is to help my coachee reach their maximum potential. I feel that I have succeeded as a coach when my coachee has developed and I have helped them achieve their goal.

A very warm welcome to the team Timo!

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