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Hello, dear BK friends!

The summer heat is already here, even though summer doesn't really start until next week! Summer passes, summer Training Rings and other events invite you to climb even in the middle of the sunniest time of the year. And if instead of indoor climbing you feel like going outside, we also organize outdoor bouldering courses for beginners - read more below!

Ps. Soon we will celebrate those who have finished their school! At BK Shop you can find the best gifts for graduates! Gift card and others directly from the webshop.

Outdoor bouldering courses

Hurrah! The much requested outdoor bouldering 101 course is finally on the calendar!!!

The first course will be held on

  • Thursday 23rd of May at 17:00 at Lintukallio in Lintuvaara in Espoo.
  • and the second one on Saturday, June 1st at 12:00 on Taivaskallio in Käpylä in Helsinki.

The duration of the course is 3 hours and the price of the course is 100 €.

Your coach will be our great Tatu, who is an outdoor climbing expert! This course is for those who want to start outdoor bouldering safely and understand the specifics that go into successful outdoor climbing. There are 3 - 6 people per group.

Note: if the weather does not permit, we will change the date of course! Let's hope there's no need.

What you'll learn:

  • A safe way to climb outdoors
  • Ethics related to outdoor climbing
  • How to read an outdoor boulder problem and the specifics of outdoor bouldering

Come and learn the secrets of outdoor climbing! Sign up here.

PS. All the participants get a 20% discount code for 27crags app! 27crags app works as your guide when climbing outdoors!

Summer opening hours 2024

Boulderkeskus gyms are open within summer opening hours starting from the beginning of June. The gyms are open from 1.6. to 11.8. as follows:

Mon-Fri 10 - 21.00
Sat-Sun 12 - 18.00

Mon-Fri 14 - 20.00
Sat-Sun 12 - 18.00

Mon-Fri 14 - 20.00
Sat-Sun 12 - 18.00

Mon-Fri 10 - 21.00
Sat-Sun 12 - 18.00

Yearly members and Premium pass holders can climb 24/7 whenever it suits them best! Remember also our super summer pass offers that are available in our shops as well as online!

Summer Training Groups 11.6. - 16.7.

The super popular Training Groups will gather during the summer months in various locations starting from June 11th!

We are offering six summer sessions on Tuesdays from 17.00 - 19.00 and 19.00 - 21.00. The sessions will be in various locations, including outdoors if the weather permits. See all the dates and locations here.

Newsletter series: Climbing etiquette

There are many "unwritten rules" in climbing, and there are many types of climbers in the gyms. In order to make climbing as comfortable as possible for everyone, we decided to start a column in the newsletter where we go through (especially Boulderkeskus') climbing etiquette - of course, many instructions apply anywhere!

About the ethics of outdoor climbing

Both outdoor and indoor climbing have certain “rules”, and by following them the problem can be counted as "cleanly" climbed. The idea behind the rules is that the route or problem creates basically the same experience for every climber and is therefore comparable. Of course, this is impossible, because the climber's height and other physical characteristics make everyone's own ascent and experience subjective. However, the rules of the game try to ensure that the repetitions follow the idea of the first ascender as well as possible.

The following things are important in outdoor bouldering:

  • Where do we start? Sometimes the topo has directly stated certain starting hold for the boulder problem. If the starting moves have been described, these must be used. Sometimes the start is just roughly where the topo line is drawn.

  • Is it a sit start or a stand? Sitstart, assis or ss is the same as a sit start. This means that the climber’s butt must be on the mattress and it is also the last thing to get off the mattress when starting the climb. In the stand start, i.e. standing start, you start standing (who would have guessed ;)?) There are also various low starts, crouch starts and squat starts - often most probably because the holds are too high to reach from the sitting position, but they are significantly lower than what you would naturally grab while standing.

  • As a general rule, it can be considered that at the start one crash pad is used and "stacking" pads is not desirable. Often the first move, getting the butt off the mattress, can be the crux of the entire route, and in that case, using two pads can make it considerably easier. Sometimes when the first ascender is very tall, it can be impossible for the shorter ones to reach the starting holds. Is it suitable for shorter climbers to put pads on top of each other to reach the holds? This is a topic that has been discussed about on many different channels with many different perspectives and there doesn't seem to be any right answer to this, but it seems reasonable that in order for a shorter climber to be able to climb the problem, pads can be added so the start is possible, but not easier compared to a taller climber. Elsewhere under the problem it is totally fine to stack as many pads as you wish.

  • When climbing, it is important to make sure you climb along the line: roughly so that the line drawn on the topo is in the center of the problem you’re supposedly climbing. Some problems are eliminates. It means that a certain hold on the line of the problem is not in use, otherwise the problem would be easier. If there are no eliminations marked on the topo, you can use all the holds around as long as they fall on the line.

  • Indoor problems usually end by bringing both hands to the last hold controlled. Sometimes it is also like this outside, when the route is a "drop off". However, most outdoor routes are climbed all the way up, i.e. on top of a rock. Topos are a good guide in this too.

  • Dabbing can ruin an otherwise successful performance. To dab means that while climbing you accidentally touch either a pad, a tree, a spotter or something similar. Often the dab can stop or slow down a swing, making it less difficult. Even if the dab itself is not necessarily beneficial in terms of performance, the problem still cannot be counted as "purely climbed".

  • Of course, everyone can climb each problem exactly as they want - after all, we climb for ourselves, not for others. When you want to tick a problem on e.g. the topo app 27crags or similar publicly, it would be important that the above rules have been taken into consideration - especially if you want to give your opinion on the difficulty of the route. The first ascender may not have always written down very precise instructions. If you are unsure about how the problem should be climbed, you can, for example, ask for advice in the comments section at 27crags! In uncertain situations, you can also briefly write in your own tick how you climbed the problem (what starting grips you used, whether there were more riders starting below, etc.) The most beneficial thing ethics wise is honesty and openness when it comes to climbing a problem!

Upcoming courses

Bouldering Basics
  • Espoo Wed 29.5. from 18.00 to 20.00 [ENG]
Read more and sign up here!

Technique course
  • Pasila Sun 26.5. + 2.6. from 9.00 to 12.00 [ENG]. Two-part course.

Read more and sign up here!

Outdoor bouldering 101 -course

  • Thu 23.5. from 17.00 to 20.00 at Lintukallio in Lintuvaara in Espoo
  • Sat 1.6. from 12.00 to 15.00 at Taivaskallio in Käpylä in Helsinki

Read more and sign up here!


BK Climber’s junior groups are climbing at Espoo, Herttoniemi, Konala and Kino in Lauttasaari the end of May. Check out the groups’ schedule here. More info on the groups and BK Climbers can be found on the BKC's website

Other groups that climb at they gym:

BK Espoo

Tue 21.5. school group from 9.00 to 13.00
Wed 22.5. school group from 10.00 to 11.00
Sat 25.5. birthday from 15.00 to 16.00
Tue 28.5. school group from 10.00 to 11.00
Tue 28.5. group from 18.00 to 19.00
Wed 29.5. school group from 9.00 to 10.30
Thu 30.5. school group from 10.00 to 11.00
Tue 1.6. birthday from 12.30 to 13.30

BK Herttoniemi

Mon 20.5. school group from 10.00 to 11.00

BK Pasila

Fri 24.5. birthday from 16.30 to 17.30

BK Konala

Wed 29.5. school group from 17.00 to 18.00


New, inspiring problems can be found every week from every gym. Check Instagram @boulderkeskus for the newest classics out there. Share your beta on Instagram with the hashtag #howonearthbk

Week 20. - 24.5.

Monday Espoo (L) + Herttoniemi (C+filling)

Tuesday Konala (E+I)

Wednesday Pasila (E) 

Thursday Espoo (Flash) + Herttoniemi (L)

Week 27. - 31.5.

Monday Espoo (M) + Herttoniemi (H+I)

Tuesday Konala (J+K)

Wednesday Pasila (F) + Herttoniemi (Kilter maintenance)

Thursday Espoo (A+B+Flash) + Herttoniemi (F)

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