Do you know who are behind the problems at Boulderkeskus? BK's talented routesetting team is responsible for setting inspiring movements and challenging top quality boulder problems weekly. In this series we introduce you to these wizards behind the magic one by one.

Say hello to Juho!

How did you first start climbing?
I started climbing in the summer of 2018 when a friend of mine made me try the sport with the idea that he would get a belayer. I immediately liked climbing so he succeeded in his plan. At some point I switched sport climbing completely to bouldering.

How did this progress into routesetting?
I started setting at the end of 2021 when BK was recruiting new setters. I didn't have any previous experience from routesetting then.

What are your favorite types of problems to set? // What’s your favourite climbing style?

My personal favorited are problems with some unusual moves that are hard to solve at the first try. I also enjoy the visual aspect of routesetting and try to make my boulders look as appealing as possible. I also like a more traditional "grab and pull" type of climbing so that's one of my go to style to set as well :D.

What do you love the most about routesetting?

The most rewarding part of routesetting is when you get positive feedback from climbers. It feels great when I can provide someone the special feeling you get when you climb an absolute gem of a problem.

What’s your process when you go to set?
Usually when I start setting, I have several moves and visual things in mind that I'd like to try. The according to the wall profile and holds in use, I start creating. Team work is of course a big part of routesetting so we discuss about our plans so that everyone doesn't start setting double dynos.

What do you find hardest when routesetting?

The most challenging part of this job are the days when you don't have any inspiration and you really have dig for some ideas from the back of your mind. Also trying to fit your own training with a physical job can be sometimes tricky.

Watch a snippet of Juho's interview on our Instagram @boulderkeskus

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