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Introducing Rhino Dry – the ultimate solution for combating sweat on your hands and feet. Formulated by Rhino, this revolutionary product is designed to keep you dry and confident, whether you're working on your latest rock climbing project or engaging in some othe workout where you need to have your hands dry and steady. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and feet with Rhino Dry – your reliable companion for dryness and comfort.


Benefits according to Rhino:

  • Decreases sweat on hands and feet
  • Ideal for rock climbers, ensuring prolonged skin endurance
  • Keeps hands and feet dry and warm in gloves and boots.
  • Perfect for various activities inducing nerve-induced sweating, including cross fit, weight lifting, running, archery, rifle shooting, gymnastics, and driving.

Active Ingredients:

  • Methenamine 8% (antiperspirant/antimicrobial)
  • Menthol 0.2% (Topical anaesthetic/analgesic)

Directions for use:

Simply brush Rhino Dry onto the desired area once a week. Experience lasting effects for up to three days, with activation occurring within eight hours. For optimal results, refrain from washing off during the activation period. While Rhino Dry claims to reduce or eliminate sweating for up to three days, frequent application throughout the week enhances effectiveness.


1oz, 29.5ml

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