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Hello dear friends of BK!

Midsummer celebrations are over and it's time to welcome July! At BK, we have a bunch going on even at in the summertime! There's, amongst other things, BK Cup, the Summer Training Group and yet another outdoor bouldering course! Konala's renovation project is well underway - read more about the schedule below!

Newsletter on a summer break

BK newsletter will be on a break for the month of July. Stay up to date by following @boulderkeskus on Instagram and Facebook. July’s routesetting schedule can be found from this newsletter. The next newsletter will appear on 5.8.

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Blakpad knee pad

NEW! The Spanish Blakpad knee pad is now available at Boulderkeskus in two different models: VS with Velcro fastening and EON with buckle fastening.
With a three-buckle tightening strap, the fit of the EON pad can be more easily adjusted to fit your thigh, while the velcro-fastening VS has been found in BK's test to be more suitable for the longer and more evenly thick thighs.

Test on your own thigh before buying! The feedback has practically been just glowing so all testers highly recommend the product.

Available in sizes S, M and L for right and left foot.
Products of the month are chosen by BK Team and the favorite products of the staff


You can now find Konala's renovation schedule in the news section of our website.

  • Konala gym is still open as usual in the first week of July. After this, the entrance will move to the Ruosilantie side and the gym as well as the current changing rooms and shop will be renovated.

  • The new side has, from 8.7. onward, a shop, dressing rooms and warm-up facilities. Please note that the warm up and weightlifting facilities are more limited than the current gym area - a new gym will be built in place of the current shop and will be ready for use in August!

  • Konala will be completely shut down from all users at the end of July between 22.7. and 4.8. After this, or hopefully before, we will be able to open the gym again, at least partially!

  • The grand opening will take place during August when everything is ready, we will inform you about the opening date in more detail!

  • There might be some schedule changes. We'll inform you about any possible changes via social media and our website!

  • Read more from news

New training wall to BK Konala!!

Can we get the drums rolling please, because we have an important announcement to make!

Konala's future board is... TA-DAA: TENSION BOARD 2!

This training wall, which combines the best features of Kilter and Moonboard, is probably the first of its kind in Finland. The Tension board, which has gained great popularity in the US, has been used by the elite climbers there for a while already. Tension 2 hold set can be used to make either a spray wall version (like in Moonboard or Kilterboard) or the holds can be placed mirroring each other (a mirror layout), so you can train the same moves on both sides.

It remains to be seen which layout will be chosen!

You can find the Tension board in the autumn in the renovated Konala!

Summer pass 2 months on sale until the end of July

2 months passes

135€ (usual price 150€)

Premium 24/7
160€ (usual price 178€)

You can buy a 2-month card until July 31st - the card is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.

Buy your pass at the gym or from the webshop!

Summer sales have begun!

Gee whiz!!! A huge set of quality shoes in a big sale! Because it’s a clearance sale, it is on as long as there are items to sell. All these sale shoes are found from Herttoniemi gym and from our webshop! Happy shoe hunting!

In addition, all t-shirts and tops are on sale in all BK Gyms as well as in our webshop! The shirt sale is valid until July 14th 2024.

You can find all items on sale from our webshop.

BK CUP in Espoo 12.7.

So on the 12th of July: BANG BANG it’s BK CUP time!! See you there at Herttoniemi around 18.00! If you have the stamina, you can climb until midnight but perhaps a few hours of climbing will do and then some sauna? Sauna is on until the gym closes at 21.00. Take your swimming suit, it’s a unisex sauna.

Want to learn more about the BK CUP? Here’s the link. Everyone’s welcome to climb and sauna!

Outdoor bouldering course

Hurrah! We have added yet again new outdoor bouldering course to the calendar!

The next course will be held on

  • Saturday, July 6th at 11:00 on Taivaskallio in Käpylä in Helsinki.

The duration of the course is 3 hours and the price of the course is 100 €.

Your coach will be our great Tatu, who is an outdoor climbing expert! This course is for those who want to start outdoor bouldering safely and understand the specifics that go into successful outdoor climbing. There are 3 - 6 people per group.

Note: if the weather does not permit, we will change the date of course! Let's hope there's no need.

What you'll learn:

  • A safe way to climb outdoors
  • Ethics related to outdoor climbing
  • How to read an outdoor boulder problem and the specifics of outdoor bouldering

Come and learn the secrets of outdoor climbing! Sign up here.

PS. All the participants get a 20% discount code for 27crags app! 27crags app works as your guide when climbing outdoors!

Upcoming courses

Bouldering basics
  • BK Pasila 17.7. from 17.30 to 19.30
  • Price: 75 €
  • Course is in English

Read more and sign up here!

Technique course

  • Two-part course: 1. part 14.7. and 2. part 21.7. At BK Pasila from 9.00 to 12.00
  • Price: 150 €
  • Course is in English
Read more and sign up here!

Outdoor bouldering 101 -course

  • Sat 6.7. from 11.00 to 14.00 at Taivaskallio in Käpylä, Helsinki
  • Price: 100 €

Read more and sign up here!


New, inspiring problems can be found every week from every gym. Check Instagram @boulderkeskus for the newest classics out there. Share your beta on Instagram with the hashtag #howonearthbk

In July, there will be a bit less routesetting due to the renovation of Konala and the summer holiday season.

Week 1. - 5.7.

Monday Espoo (H+I) + Herttoniemi (P)

Tuesday Pasila (B)

Wednesday Espoo (J+K) + Herttoniemi (filling/maintenance)

Week 8. - 12.7.

Monday Herttoniemi (G)

Tuesday Pasila

Wednesday Herttoniemi (C) 

Thursday Espoo (BK CUP setting, J+K+L+M)

Friday Espoo (BK CUP setting, J+K+L+M)

Week 15. - 19.7.

Monday Espoo (filling+Flash) + Herttoniemi (D)

Tuesday Pasila

Keskiviikko Espoo (A+B) + Herttoniemi (C)

Week 22. - 26.7.

Monday Espoo (C+D) + Herttoniemi (I+H)

Tuesday Pasila

Wednesday Espoo (filling/maintenance) + Herttoniemi (filling/maintenance)

Week 29.7. - 2.8.

Monday Espoo (E) + Herttoniemi (F)

Tuesday Pasila

Wednesday Espoo (Flash) + Herttoniemi (N)

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Boulderkeskus Konalaa uudistetaan heinäkuussa! Lue lisää remontin aikataulusta ajankohtaista-osiosta. Halli tulee olemaan kiinni 22.7. - 4.8.


Boulderkeskus Konala is being renovated in July! Read more about the schedule in out blog. The gym will be closed 22.7. - 4.8.

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